Immunobiology Course

CD8 T cell killing its target.Wiedemann A et al. PNAS 2006;103:10985-10990


  • Duration: 20-25 minutes
  • Every group member should participate in the presentation
  • At least one extra paper should be included in the presentation to e.g., show that other groups found the same/opposite results, or the same method can be used in other systems or another method can be used to study the same process etc.
  • Points that will be taken into account during evaluations (though not a complete list) are listed here


  • The group that is assigned for the discussion is in control of the discussion session, which should last around 10-20 minutes. The presenting group should one week before the presentation send the extra paper to the discussion group. The discussion group should prepare at least 5 questions (multiple choice, yes/no, etc) for PresentersWall and at least 3 open questions to be discussed by the whole class. The questions should be sent to at least 24 hours before the discussion to be able to prepare the PersentersWall session. These questions will be the heart of our discussion, so think carefully.
  • The grades on the discussion will be given based on the quality of these questions and how well the discussion session is organized.
For location of the article discussions, please look into the schedule. Papers will be announced shortly.