Seminar Computational Biology 2017-18

recent theoretical, experimental, and phylogenetic
advances related to topics discussed in the course.

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choose one topic for presentation and one topic for discussion.

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Rough schedule

The first two topics will be discussed Tuesday-afternoon (starting at 13.30).
The other topics will be discussed on Thursday (starting at 10.00)

Long term evolutionary experiment (LTEE) : various models dataanalysis and modeling

Presented by: Laurens, Indi, Jan en Sam
Discussed by: Ellen, Daan en Tjerk

The dynamics of molecular evolution over 60,000 generations

BH Good, MJ McDonald, JE Barrick, RE Lenski… - Nature, 2017 -

Genetic Basis of Exploiting Ecological Opportunity During the Long-Term Diversification of a Bacterial Population

…, J Plucain, J Gaffé, T Hindré, D Schneider - Journal of molecular …, 2017 - S

Metabolic modelling in a dynamic evolutionary framework predicts adaptive diversification of bacteria in a long-term evolution experiment

…, RE Lenski, OS Soyer… - BMC …, 2016

Beware batch culture: Seasonality and niche construction predicted to favor bacterial adaptive diversification

…, J Consuegra, D Schneider, G Beslon - PLoS computational …, 2017

Evolution of cooperation

Presented by: Reinder en Meine
Discussed by: Thijs en Ugur

Microbes can help explain the evolution of host altruism O Lewin-Epstein, R Aharonov, L Hadany - Nature communications, 2017 -

Mobility can promote the evolution of cooperation via emergent self-assortment dynamics.

Joshi J, Couzin ID, Levin SA, Guttal V. PLoS Comput Biol. 2017

Secondorder cooperation: Cooperative offspring as a living public good arising from secondorder selection on non‐cooperative individuals

A Frénoy, F Taddei, D Misevic - Evolution, 2017 - Wiley Online Library

Spatial dynamics of synthetic microbial mutualists and their parasites

DR Amor, R Montañez… - PLoS computational …, 2017 -

Evolution of ecological communities

Presented by: Thijs en Ugur
Discussed by: Reinder en Meine

Diverse modes of eco-evolutionary dynamics in communities of antibiotic-producing microorganisms

Kalin Vetsigian - Nature Ecology and Evolution

Clustering in community structure across replicate ecosystems following a long-term bacterial evolution experiment

H Celiker, J Gore - Nature communications, 2014 -

Metabolic evolution and the self-organization of ecosystems

R Braakman, MJ Follows… - Proceedings of the …, 2017 - National Acad Sciences

Evolutionary dynamics of GRN (Yeast)

Presented by: Ellen, Tjerk en Daan
Discussed by: Laurens, Indi, Jan en Sam

Evolutionary dynamics of regulatory changes underlying gene expression divergence among Saccharomyces species

…, PJ Wittkopp, J Coolon - Genome Biology and …, 2017 -

Adaptive Prediction Emerges Over Short Evolutionary Time Scales

Adrián López García de Lomana; Amardeep Kaur; Serdar Turkarslan; Karlyn D. Beer; Fred D. Mast ...

Genome Biology and Evolution, Volume 9, Issue 6, 1 June 2017, Pages 1616–1623,

Effects of mutation and selection on plasticity of a promoter activity in Saccharomyces cerevisiae

F Duveau, DC Yuan, BPH Metzger… - Proceedings of the …, 2017 - National Acad Sciences

Evolution of Robustness and Evolvability

Presented by: Dieter en Stijn
Discussed by: Maarten, Joyce en Olof

A thousand empirical adaptive landscapes and their navigability [PDF] [Supplementary material]

J Aguilar-Rodríguez, JL Payne, A Wagner - Nature Ecology & Evolution, 2017 -

Why phenotype robustness promotes phenotype evolvability

X Wei, J Zhang - Genome biology and evolution, 2017 -

Evolution of drift robustness in small populations

T LaBar, C Adami - Nature communications, 2017 -

Robustness and evolvability of the human signaling network

J Kim, D Vandamme, JR Kim, AG Munoz… - PLoS computational …, 2014 -

Neutrality and complex adaptation

Presented by: Maarten, Joyce en Olof
Discussed by: Margot, Sarah en Ianthe

Evolution of complex adaptations in molecular systems [PDF]

C Pál, B Papp - Nature ecology & evolution, 2017 -

Domestication of self-splicing introns during eukaryogenesis: the rise of the complex spliceosomal machinery

J Vosseberg, B Snel - Biology direct, 2017

The potential for non-adaptive origins of evolutionary innovations in central carbon metabolism

SR Hosseini, A Wagner - BMC systems biology, 2016 -

HGT: evolution. Regulation and consequences

Presented by: Margot, Sarah en Ianthe
Discussed by: Dieter en Stijn

Inevitability of genetic parasites

…, AE Lobkovsky, YI Wolf, EV Koonin - Genome biology and …, 2016 -

Indirect Fitness Benefits Enable the Spread of Host Genes Promoting Costly Transfer of Beneficial Plasmids…, C Lotton, SP Brown, AB Lindner, F Taddei - PLoS …, 2016 –

Critical mutation rate in a population with horizontal gene transfer

…, DR Gifford, R Krasovec, CG Knight - Proceedings of the …, 2017 -

Gene Transfer Agent Promotes Evolvability within the Fittest Subpopulation of a Bacterial Pathogen

M Québatte, M Christen, A Harms, J Körner, B Christen… - Cell Systems, 2017 - Elsevier

The topic below has been dropped

Modeling Multicellular tissue dynamics: cell shape, cell signling and stability:

Cell Sorting and Noise-Induced Cell Plasticity Coordinate to Sharpen Boundaries between Gene Expression Domains

Q Wang, WR Holmes, J Sosnik… - PLoS computational …, 2017 -

Segment-specific adhesion as a driver of convergent extension

RMA Vroomans, P Hogeweg… - PLoS computational …, 2015 -

Virtual cardiac monolayers for electrical wave propagation

N Kudryashova, V Tsvelaya, K Agladze, A Panfilov - Scientific Reports, 2017 -

A Notch positive feedback in the intestinal stem cell niche is essential for stem cell self‐renewal

…, M Witherspoon, N Nishimura, JA Glazier… - Molecular systems …, 2017 -